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Star Map Detailing Stars Location and Photo Book

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Official Registry of Stars:

The officially recognised star register. On order completion, you will receive the certification gift kit including a sharable webpage.

Only Constellation Stars make it even more personal. Why not match the special occasion to an astrological date or a loved one’s horoscope!

Personalized & elegant certificate. Star Map detailing exact coordinates of the Star and a Photo Book and Celestia software detailing of the most beautiful images of Space.

Ordering is Secure, Fast and Easy. It takes in total five minutes to fill out the details!

Why always settle for the same old gift?

Do something different
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Dedicated star webpage
for every star

After you've named their star, our team document the name against a real astronomically verified star. To prove it, along side the digital certification we send you a unique webpage which includes the star name and date (not the personal message).

One of the fastest
growing gift ideas.

A novel and easy way to give a gift to friends and family. Either email them the gift or share direct on their Facebook page!

The 5 Piece
Gift Pack

Each of our packs comes with a 5 Piece Gift Kit making the perfect piece to gift to a loved one or friend.

The Official Registry
of Stars

Star Register is the only official outlet available online to purchase and name a star. You're in safe hands with us, just ask our 200,000 customers to date.

What you'll get

  • Personalised Certificate

  • Detailed Star Map

  • Space Photobook

  • Star Factsheet

  • Supernova(extra bright)

  • Celestia software

  • Lunarland gift voucher

  • Milkyway galaxy star

  • Two side-by-star Stars

Star Kit

Name a visible star with our basic star kit. Alongside naming a visable star, you'll recieve our 3-piece gift kit including your personalized certificate and star chart.

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Star Kit

Supernovas the brightest stars in the universe that truely standout. Along with this extra bright star, you will receive all the documents found in our Deluxe Kit + some extra goodies.

Name a supernova

Star Kit

Name two stars situated side-by-side. This is the perfect way to show a connection in life between two people. You will receive everything found in our Deluxe Star Kit + two unique certificates with their personal dedication message.

Name a twin star


Leave nothing to be desired, these limted release Supernova stars are located in our very own Milkyway galaxy.

Name a milkyway star

When it rains,
They'll look for a rainbow.
When it's dark,
They'll look for their star.

Name a star

Twin Stars For Two.
Carve your gift in the night sky for eternity.
That's love.

Name a twin star

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